Top 20 Industrial Control and Automation Tech Companies - 2017

Top 20 Industrial Control and Automation Tech Companies - 2017

Disruptive IIoT along with an ever-decreasing gap of OT and IT is all set to revolutionize industrial control. With factors such as decentralization of infrastructure and rising number of connected devices, CIOs look upon automation to reduce the burden of iterative or repeated tasks. Benefits include lower operational expense and minimized human errors as automation paves the way for a more productive workforce. It is also crucial that factory owners and other leaders train and equip their workforce with the necessary skill-set needed to work in tune with wholly or partially automated systems.

Given the plethora of service providers stretching across the realm, identifying the right solution provider has always been a tough task for CIOs. The pain-points increase in number just as the realm expands technologically. Segregating marketing claims and points of value, zeroing in on the exact requirements, keeping an eye for changing trends and the long process of trying and testing are among the necessary hurdles manufacturers must go through prior to opting for a solution. Additionally, with the intense market completion, buyers are no less susceptible to the paradox of choice.

In this edition of CIOReview, we present to you the “20 Most Promising Industrial Control and Automation Solution Providers - 2017.” In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including Enterprise Security editorial board reviewed the top companies in the domain, and shortlisted the ones that are at the helm of tackling the dynamic challenges in the arena. The companies compiled in this issue have exhibited extensive business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the space.

Company Name

Company Description

ABL Automation Provides process automation solutions and industrial automation equipments, instrumentation and controls, and electricals
AEC The company designs, manufactures and installs industrial automation equipments for manufacturing companies worldwide
AutoGuide Mobile Robots The company designs abd builds AGVs that adapt to a broad range of material handling applications
Automation Intellect The company’s SaaS offering provides real time analytics for industrial machine performance
BEST Provider of industrial control and automation solutions that bridge the gap between business processes and Industrial automation processes
Cleveland Motion Controls Offers solutions such as Engineered Systems, Motion Controllers, Tension Controllers, Web Tension Control, Tension Transducers and Load Cells
Emerson Electric [NYSE: EMR] Emerson Automation Solutions helps discrete manufacturers automate and optimize production processes through best-in-class technologies and industry expertise
GE [NYSE: GE] Provides industrial software, control systems, and embedded computing platforms for industrial control and automation
Honeywell [NYSE: HON] Honeywell’s software offerings allow easy implementation of multivariable control and optimization strategies of complex industrial processes
Jacobs [NYSE: JEC] The company’s automated manufacturing services enables efficient process optimization and system integration services
KINGSTAR KINGSTAR replaces hardware to deliver integrated software PLC, motion control, and machine vision positioning systems, quickly and cost effectively
Nextnine Provides top-down OT security management solutions for complex multi-vendor ICS environment
Omron Corporation The company develops products, systems and solutions for various industries such as automotive, food and beverage packaging, semiconductor and infrastructure
PEGA The company’s agile manufacturing platform and applications transforms industrial manufacturing operations to lean intelligent processses
Polytron As an engineering consultant and system intergrator, the company provides a wide array of industrial automation solutions
Positronics Incorporated Offers custom software snad systems for industrial automation applications pertaining to motion controllers, robots and vision systems
Revere Control Systems An Automation EPC that provides control system integration solutiions for process applications in multiple industries
Rockwell Automation [NYSE: ROK] The company’s products and solutions offerings can address network infrastructure, industrial security, automation, and information solutions needs
SYSCON International The Company’s PlantStar MES is a solution that paves the way for smart factory opportunities
Weidmuller Weidmüller offers automation and digitization solutions in addition to intelligent and communication-capable components for the control cabinet and the field